Quilts For Sale

If you are looking for a gift for that special someone check out our quilts that we have for sale. Not all of them are in the store. But if you see one you like I can get it here in a Flash. They are all locally made by our very talented Quilters

Longarm of the North’s First Birthday Party!

Last Saturday Longarm of the North hosted their first birthday party! The party was for 10-year-old Hannah and it was a huge success! All the girls had a blast! 

There were 5 girls in attendance at the party and they each made their own quilt complete with labels! The girls learned how to use the Longarm machine, create fringes and how to sew the labels onto their blankets. The quilts turned out beautiful and soft, each one is very unique with beautiful freehand patterns.

The girls also made crafts with Pearlier beads and drew out their ideas for their freehand quilting patterns.

After the quilting workshop, they each had a cozy quilt to take to the second part of the party: a sleepover!

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February Upcoming Classes!

Won’t be opening until noon on Wednesday. But I will be open until 8:00 pm. That is social knitting night. Everyone is welcome to drop in to see what is going on or bring a knitting or crocheting project to work on. I am anticipating a fun-filled evening based on what I have experienced in our knitting classes. And just so you know. What happens at Longarm of the North stays at Longarm of the North.

You too can learn how to make a bag. Offering a class starting Feb 19 at 7:00pm to 9:00. Same time Thursday, Feb 21 and then Saturday, Feb 23 to finish up. The bags are in the shop if you want to see them. Price for the class is $150.00 plus materials. Teresa Watson is teaching.