Roxanne & Julie


Hi everyone! I am excited to serve the North as I am originally from Yellowknife, NT.

I picked up beading and enjoyed the beauty of what one can create with their hands. After picking up that new skill, my husband and I, learned we were going to be parents, so I halted the beading. In my last months in pregnancy, I made my first ever baby quilt for my niece. And I was very happy with the end result! So then Julie and I made a lap size quilt for each of us. Yet again, I was very happy with it! (Quilting is very addicting once your curiosity gets the best of you)

Fast-forward to now, I have an amazing son who is still young, and two months after I had my baby and one month after moving into our first home, Julie asks me to buy a business with her and of course, I’m like “what? I don’t know… maybe”. (We did, obviously) But my first thought was what an amazing opportunity it would be to go into the business to widen my horizons and make amazing quilts while at it. That’s a bit about me, I do run the website and Facebook page so I’m always around online.


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