Our First Workshop!

We had our first workshop on October 27!

Normally the workshop is taught by two of us but it so happened on this day my partner was busy taking a workshop herself.

I was only expecting 3 people and was really surprised and nervous when 5 appeared.  My fingers didn’t quite work right and I stumbled on words a bit but I think everyone learned and understood what was being taught.

Of course, everyone is anxious and nervous to get on the machine.  After loading and changing the needle and threading we were ready to turn it on.  The students were surprised at how easy it was to guide the machine. Can be done with one hand.  They all first tried a little free motion, quilting from the front of the machine making your own designs.   They then all tried a pantograph which is stitched from the back of the machine following a pattern with a laser light.  Much to my delight most enjoyed doing the free motion and they were better at that than pantos.

Everyone left pumped and ready to go home and make lots of quilts top to come in and finish.  Another successful day at Longarm of the North

Marilyn McGurran

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