Mothers Day

Longarm of the North has some awesome gifts for Mother’s Day. We can put together a knitting project complete with wool, pattern and needles. A quilt project, or just some precuts with an idea book. Tools for the hand quilter. A locally made ladder to showcase quilts or the ever popular gift certificate. We will also have some great things at the Trade Show.

New Thread!

Just received a big shipment of thread. A rainbow of Glide and I hope to have a supply of Serger thread.

Thrummed Mitten Class!

It’s finally happening. Thrummed mittens class! The class is scheduled for March 13 @ 6:30 pm. All materials needed are at the store. Cost is $125.00 plus materials. It is scheduled for 2 classes but a 3rd is possible if needed.

We also have new yarn arriving just in time for thrummed mitten class!

Quilts For Sale

If you are looking for a gift for that special someone check out our quilts that we have for sale. Not all of them are in the store. But if you see one you like I can get it here in a Flash. They are all locally made by our very talented Quilters