Longarm of the North’s First Birthday Party!

Last Saturday Longarm of the North hosted their first birthday party! The party was for 10-year-old Hannah and it was a huge success! All the girls had a blast! 

There were 5 girls in attendance at the party and they each made their own quilt complete with labels! The girls learned how to use the Longarm machine, create fringes and how to sew the labels onto their blankets. The quilts turned out beautiful and soft, each one is very unique with beautiful freehand patterns.

The girls also made crafts with Pearlier beads and drew out their ideas for their freehand quilting patterns.

After the quilting workshop, they each had a cozy quilt to take to the second part of the party: a sleepover!

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A Very Busy Saturday

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This Saturday I paid a visit to Longarm of the North and was shocked at just how many ladies comfortably fit in that shop! I also found myself not sure where to start taking pictures because there was so much going on!

I found myself drawn to an absolutely beautiful partially finished project on the Longarm machine and met Jennifer Cave, who was returning for her first DIY time after taking the Longarm quilting workshop. Jennifer was quilting flamingos onto her masterpiece to create a lovely coach blanket!

I next visited the knitting table where Lesia Lucan was teaching her second knitting class at Longarm. Lesia has been knitting for many years and teaches medical terminology at Aurora College, you can tell teaching is her calling because when asked about herself she tells me that she has a lot of patience! 

One of the ladies, Beth Nickel, was visiting our icey city all the way from PEI! Beth was in town to visit her daughter and commented to me that “These are the most expensive socks I have ever knit!” Beth is new to knitting socks but not at all new to knitting, when asked she told me “I can knit and pearl an afghan!”

One of the ladies in knitting class, Tina, also visits Longarm of the North for quilting, she started her quilt with Longarm’s partnered business: North of 60 Quilting; and came to Longarm to finish it in their workshop. Tina is another semi experienced knitter, but returning after class in Whitehorse in ’95.

There where three Jennifers in the room by the way, when I visited on this Saturday, so please excuse me if the name repetition gets confusing here.

The fourth knitting lady I spoke with was Jennifer, who has previously knitted with the Guild of Arts and Crafts but was coming to a Longarm of the North class for the first time. When asked about her experience, Jennifer told me that she has mastered leg warmers and was excited to be learning how to knit the heel.

Jennifer Andrews was working in the sewing machine / quilting wall corner, she was working on arranging her purple and white quilt squares on the quilt wall. Jennifer has also completed the Longarm workshop and has made many quilts, when I asked her how many she wasn’t even sure but guessed “at least 13-15!” Jennifer really shows me how relaxing of a place Longarm of the North is, when I asked her what she thought of this business she said “I love it here, I spend lots of time here, it is such a welcoming social environment- it’s amazing.”

And I have to agree with her. I remember meeting Marilyn last summer in the Win Your Space contest and hearing about her dream for Longarm of the North, I thought it was amazing and am blown away by how fast she has managed to achieve it! Everyone in the store was relaxing and laughing, and even when more people were added to the mix the space did not feel too small because it is such a tranquil space.

I finished my visit with the lady who made it all happen, Marilyn, and when asked her thoughts she told me she is so excited to have multiple classes running at once and glad that so many people are enjoying the space.


Article by Lily Geraghty

Knitting Class

Longarm of the North is ready to run a sock or shawl knitting class. If anyone is interested please contact us. The shawl pattern will be Waiting for Rain. Both classes are confident beginner.

A First Timer

First time longarming. Did a great job of puppy paws on puppy quilt

Our First Workshop!

We had our first workshop on October 27!

Normally the workshop is taught by two of us but it so happened on this day my partner was busy taking a workshop herself.

I was only expecting 3 people and was really surprised and nervous when 5 appeared.  My fingers didn’t quite work right and I stumbled on words a bit but I think everyone learned and understood what was being taught.

Of course, everyone is anxious and nervous to get on the machine.  After loading and changing the needle and threading we were ready to turn it on.  The students were surprised at how easy it was to guide the machine. Can be done with one hand.  They all first tried a little free motion, quilting from the front of the machine making your own designs.   They then all tried a pantograph which is stitched from the back of the machine following a pattern with a laser light.  Much to my delight most enjoyed doing the free motion and they were better at that than pantos.

Everyone left pumped and ready to go home and make lots of quilts top to come in and finish.  Another successful day at Longarm of the North

Marilyn McGurran

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